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The company provides a variety of novel immunoassay kits for various species including horse,
dog, pig, cattle, sheep, chicken, rabbit, rat, mouse, human, and monkey, etc. The ELISA kits
have been used to measure cytokine level in various biological fluids including plasma, serum,
urine, cerebrospinal fluid, BAL, cell culture supernatant, cell/tissue extracts, synovial fluid and
other body fluids. ELISA kits for various species have been extensively used to detect
biomolecules such as cytokines and growth factors. We also provide quality antibody and
recombinant proteins. In addition, the company is specialized in manufacturing RNA and DNA
isolation kits that have been widely used in study of gene expression, forensic DNA testing,
genotyping of transgenic and knockout mice, SNP detection and copy number variation. Our
DNA/RNA isolation kits work efficiently for various biological samples, particularly for samples
unsuccessful by kits from other manufacturers. Our kits have been proven reliable and cost
We accept online order by credit card (Visa, Marstercard, American Express and
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