PO Box 70
Glen Mills, PA 19342 USA
Tel: 610-999-3741; Fax: 610-558-4786
Provides biological reagents, testing instruments and services
Company History
18-Mar-2016 Genorise had 10 distributors worldwide.
23-Dec-2015 Genorise achieved 200 customers.
05-Jan-2015 Genorise started developing POCT of cardiovascular diseases.
03-Jul-2014 Genorise reached 100 customers worldwide.
07-Jan-2013 BiopTis S.A. became the first distributor in Europe.
13-Feb-2012 Genorise Scientific acquired the first purchase order in Europe.
18-Nov-2011 GENORISE SCIENTIFIC, INC. established partnership with Yantai Genorise Biotech Co. Ltd.
16-Sept-2011 Genorise Scientific acquired the first purchase order in the United States and sold its first ELISA kit.
01-May-2011 Genorise Scientific acquired the first purchase order and sold its first DNA kit .
01-Oct-2010 Genorise Scientific was incorporated as GENORISE SCIENTIFIC, INC. in Pennsylvania, USA
06-Nov-2009 Beijing Chang Li Tong Scientific Co. Ltd. agreed to distribute Genorise's products in China
07-May-2009 registered the fictitious name of Genorise Scientific with PA Department of State.
16-Mar-2009 Changed Chinwin Laboratories to Genorise Scientific
03-Mar-2009 The company website was launched
26-Feb-2009 Chinwin Laboratories was founded in Pennsylvania, USA