Genorise Scientists have developed a series of DNA isolation kits suitable for your testing, research and
product development. DNA preparation can be applied to PCR, DNA sequencing (nuclear and
mitochondrial DNA), forensic DNA testing (STR profiling), genotyping, SNP detection, copy number
variation, and other genetic testing. The DNA isolation kits have proven effective and reliable for the
challenging samples that contain low level of DNA content.
DNA Applications
DNA isolation is a critical step for successful downstream applications such as PCR-based detections of
SNP, STR, copy number variation and other genes of interest. Quality and quantity of DNA samples
matter to your research/testing especially for samples that contain extremely low DNA content, such
as urine. DNA isolation is very difficult for those limited samples using silica membrane and magnetic
bead based methods. Kits from others emphasize time saving that do not work for limited samples.
However you would expect success with our kits. Our DNA isolation kits recover all forms of nucleic
acids and have several advantages: no hazardous phenol-chloroform and much better yield compared
to column or bead methods. We tell you the truth about our products with detailed protocols and
guarantee your success. With result proven strategy, our products and methods would definitely stand
out with those difficult and low abundance samples!
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